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Under Construction
10 Prospect Street is the first of 1.2M+ SF of new lab and innovation space in the heart of the Union Square neighborhood.

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USQ Aerial
10 Prospect Street
Bennett Court
  • 1.3 miles from MIT and Kendall Square
    At the center of the Boston-Cambridge innovation economy, USQ will transform 15 acres in Somerville. With 2.4 million square feet of new lab and office space, housing, parks and retail storefronts, USQ is ready for business.
  • Connected and convenient
    With a 96+ mobility score, walk, bike or ride on our new MBTA Green Line station that’s just steps away from 10 Prospect Street. There’s no more desirable neighborhood with all the restaurants, businesses and amenities in Union Square.
  • Somerville’s talented workforce
    Union Square is home to smart, talented, and educated people. 46% of our residents here today are millennials. 1,000 new residences will enhance the neighborhood as a great place to live and work.
  • It’s all happening right here
    Something’s always going on in Union Square. This is a vibrant community filled with creators, innovators, foodies, entrepreneurs and collaborators. Visit our award-winning restaurants, imaginative art exhibits, entertaining festivals, and unique retailers.



2.4M SF of Transit Oriented Development

With new lab and office space, housing, retail, and green and open space, USQ will expand the Boston innovation ecosystem by fostering the next great concentration of life science and technology companies.


2.4M SF Of Smart Growth

Whether through two new train stops, bus, bike, foot, or car, USQ mobility options provide access to the best of what makes your business thrive.


1.2M SF Of Lab & Innovation

New commercial spaces will serve companies at all stages of growth and expand this local innovation ecosystem.


1,000 Residences
Steps to Transit

We’re adding 1,000 apartments to this vibrant and desirable neighborhood that already has close to 20,000 residents who work in the area’s bustling innovation economy.

Coming Soon


140K SF Of Ground Floor Retail

Get in on the ground floor of this unprecedented opportunity for your business.There’s no better place to see your retail or hospitality business grow.

Open & Green Space

3.6 Acres Of Open Space

Eleven new parks and civic spaces give residents, workers, and visitors opportunities to get outside to discover everything Union Square has to offer.

Project Project


37,000 RSF


25,000 RSF


249,000 RSF


175 Keys

Stone Ave

12,000 RSF


111,000 RSF


114,000 RSF


29,000 RSF


Life Science
257,000 RSF


50 Prospect St

450 Units


25 Units

D7.1 & 7.2

99 Units

D 3.2

373 Units


51 Units


27,000 SF

Neighborhood Park

Improved Public Ways throughout Project

Modernized Union Square Plaza (by City)

9,100 SF

Through Block Plaza

3,400 SF

Pocket Plaza

10,000 SF

Neighborhood Park

21,000 SF

Public Plaza

3,700 SF

Open Space

6,000 SF

Open Space

16,000 SF

Public Plaza

8,200 SF

Public Plaza

6,500 SF

Community Garden

10,000 SF

Neighborhood Park

Open & Green Space
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